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Sri Lanka

Road and rail transport accounts for an overwhelmingly large share of the movement of people and commodities within Sri Lanka. Passenger transport by road is shared by the government and the private sector. The private automobile remains a luxury that only the affluent can afford. The bicycle and the bullock cart are important modes of conveyance, especially in rural areas. 

The railway system in Sri Lanka dates back to the colonial times and covers more than 1.100 miles. Trains are more comfortable than the buses and take you through more scenic areas not touched by road.
The main lines are along the west coast, to the east coast and up the hill country.

A must while visiting is the train ride from Kandy to Ella.

Some trains carry special observation carriages - these need to be reserved in advance.

Traveling by bus in Sri Lanka is an inexpensive way to explore the island. Government buses connect even the smallest villages.
Private or luxury coaches are more comfortable, usually have air conditioning and operate mainly between bigger cities.

Self Driving
While it is great to explore the beaches and hill country with your own transportation it is recommended to have some experience in driving around tropical countries. 

Tuk Tuk
The three-wheelers are the most common vehicles for short or medium trips in Sri Lanka. You can find them at most junctions, in front of hotels & businesses or just hail one on the road by waving. You even can rent a Tuk Tuk for your holiday transportation.

Sri Lankan Airlines, the national airline, operates regularly between its main base at Colombo and several major cities in Asia and Europe.

The seaport of Colombo handles the bulk of Sri Lanka's shipping, including some transshipments of the Indian ports. International cargo is also handled by the ports at Trincomalee and Galle.

Taxi/Mini Bus
We offer airport transfer and transportation services by limousine, mini bus or coach. All our vehicles are in excellent condition, air-conditioned, fully insured and conducted by English speaking a driver/guide.
French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Italian drivers are available on request.
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