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Self-driving a Tuk-Tuk in Sri Lanka is an unique and truly exotic way to discover Sri Lanka.
A Tuk-Tuk is three-wheeler, also called auto rickshaw or trishaw and a motorized development of the traditional pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw. Commonly they are used as cheap taxis, inner-city and family transportation. You can see them in front of almost any hotel or being flagged down on the road.

Sri Lanka is the perfect country to hire a Tuk-Tuk for your holiday. 1,600 km of uncrowded, white beaches and most of the cultural highlights can easily be reached by Tuk Tuk - it gives you the freedom of where to stop and what to see.

Of course there are limitations: more than 2 people is a crowd (per Tuk-Tuk), luggage storage is limited and some of the hill stations cannot be accessed by a three-wheeler.

For this reason, we have compiled some special Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Tours (for self-drivers) with main focus on choice destinations, comfort and security. If you want to rent a Tuk-Tuk with driver as holiday transportation, we can arrange this also on request.

Below you find some suggested Tuk Tuk Tour Itineraries and some general advice and information. All Tour Itineraries can be customized to fit your schedule and requirements.

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Renting a Tuk-Tuk in Sri Lanka:

All our Sri Lanka Tuk-Tuk Tours start and end in Negombo, just next to the international airport of Sri Lanka. Together with a representative of the tuk-tuk rental agency, we will meet you at your hotel (mostly the morning after your arrival) to process the required paperwork.
Which is basically only the hire contract itself and the insurance papers. You need to provide a copy of your passport and an international driving licence with motorcycle endorsement.
If you are holder of an International Driving Licence, there will be an endorsement fee of Rs.4,000 (not included). National Driving License holders can get a temporary driving licence at Traffic Department for a fee of Rs.3,000 (not included). Both are handled by the tuk-tuk rental company. Please note that endorsements and/or temporary driving licences can only be issued Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm (except public holidays). If you want to get on the road right away, please make sure that you have supplied copies of the required driving documents [copies of passport, diving license(s)] at least 7 working days prior to arrival.

Driving a Tuk-Tuk in Sri Lanka:

After completion of the paperwork, the rental agency will provide you with initial driving instructions and some sound road advice. If required, they also can give you a 6 hour 'hands-on' training by one of their drivers (small surcharge applies).
Sri Lanka drives on the left side of the road. Country roads can be in poor condition and lighting is non existent in some rural areas. In Summary: drive confidently and defensively and always expect the unexpected.

Tuk-Tuk Options:

All vehicles are fully serviced before hired out and are fitted with standard rain covers. However, if you don't bring your own speakers you can request a tuk-tuk with a sound system (driving with headphones is a bad idea) or surfers can get a special roof rack for the surfboards.

Not Recommended:

Traveling with bulky luggage (suitcases). Carrying more than 3 passengers. Leaving valuables in the tuk-tuk unattended. Unless the driver had previous experience in driving a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka, we strongly advice against pregnant women and minors being part of the tour.


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