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Kite Surfing Resort Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

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Beach Hotel Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Luxury Hotel Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Beach Hotel
Beach Hotel Sri Lanka Kalpitiya Luxury Hotel Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Beach Hotel

Kitesurf Resort Overview

Kalpitiya lies roughly 130 KM north of Katunayake International Airport, on the coast of the northern peninsula of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is scenically located between the Indian Ocean and the vast Puttlam Lagoon. Kalpitiya is a little paradise on its own.

Accommodation at Bar Reef Resort Alankuda, Kalpitiya features three kinds of settings; Seven garden cabanas, Four Beach Cabanas and Two villas. Each of these are set within their own private enclosures amidst beautiful natural surroundings, individually landscaped for each property, with an open air bathroom and toilet to make you one with nature. The gentle rustling of the palm fronds amid soft golden rays together with the feel of the ocean sand beneath your feet will awaken your mind to a feeling of blissful relaxation, that can only be found at Bar Reef Resort.

The biodiversity of mangroves, marshes, saltpans, golden beaches, sand dunes, wild dense jungles and scenic beauty combined with tropical weather conditions makes Kalpitiya a fine destination for rest, relaxation and a prime location for adventure and nature tourism alike. Until recently Kalpitiya was considered a rural backwater with hardly any tourist or local visitors. Nature lovers and adventure sport enthusiasts have since discovered the hidden beauty of Kalpitiya. Kalpitiya has steadily gained popularity as a prime Tourism destination in Asia. Tracing back history of Sri Lanka’s colonial history the northern peninsula was used as a strategic Military base and a Naval post by the Dutch rulers. The Dutch fort is today occupied by the Sri Lanka Navy and the Dutch church too remains well preserved through the decades gone by.

Kalpitiya is considered a Kitesurfers paradise!

Glide on picturesque waves and feel the winds as you ride on the best possible waves for Kitesurfing.

As some say, Dolphins and Kite Surfing are what attracts people to the beautiful coast and inviting golden beaches of Kalpitiya. The near perfect weather conditions along the beautiful Kalpitiya coast and strong winds blowing, it tops the list for experienced Kite Surfers. With wind speeds between 17-26 knots Kalpitiya is a Kitesurfers dream come true.

It’s the ideal starting point for beginners with Kitesurfing instructors who will guide you through your very first moves and safety measures at Kitesurfing as an adventure sport.

Kalpitiya is not only widely popular in Sri Lanka but has also gained a rapidly growing popularity as one of the very best Kitesurfing locations in South Asia. Kalpitiya has turned into a little treasure for Kitesurfing enthusiast across the world.

The Kitesurfing schools in Kalpitiya offer sessions at several times of the day depending on the course you are interested and your schedule the schools will personalize your splendid Kitesurfing schedule on your Vacation in our beautiful emerald island.


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Kalpitiya Sri Lanka


Airport: 135 km

Colombo City: 160 km

Map: Kalpitiya Map

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