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Taprospa Palm Leaves Hotel

Jaffna, Sri Lanka

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Located in the heart of Jaffna town, the Taprospa Palm Leaves Hotel hotel is a great way to experience this part of Sri Lanka. The hotel offers air conditioned rooms which are a great way to stay cool during the midday Jaffna heat.

The rooms come with attached bathrooms with hot and cold water. This Jaffna hotel also has a sitting and a dining area, while there is also an outdoor swimming pool. Conveniently the Taprospa Palm Leaves is about 20 minutes from the Nallur Hindu Temple.

In 1621 the Portuguese established Jaffna as a colonial administrative capital. The area has a long and rich history and after decades of being inaccessible now welcomes visitors with a developing infrastructure. There are many Hindu Temples around Jaffna including Sri Bala Kathirkamam Temple, Perumal Temple, and Nallu Kandaswamy Temple.

Visitors revel in the beauty of the annual festivals offered by the Hindu Temples in Jaffna. Bicycles can be rented to ride though this historic town. As an emerging tourist destination, Janna is scenic, offers an array of oceanic activities, the cuisine is outstanding, and the people are ready for a new beginning.

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Jaffna Sri Lanka


Airport: 279 km

Colombo City: 303 km

Map: Jaffna Map

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