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Jaffna is situated on the northern tip of Sri Lanka and has a predominantly Tamil population and considered as a cultural capital of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The locals of Jaffna are indeed wonderful and friendly people and making a trip to this beautiful part of Sri Lanka should be a priority on anyone’s travel plan.

The northern part of Sri Lanka is made up of small low lying islands or which Jaffna is connected by causeway. You can walk a little ways down the causeway, take a rickshaw or take a local bus to another island.

The well known iconic fortress in Jaffna was originally built by the Portuguese but was later overtaken by the Dutch. The Dutch transformed the city of Jaffna into a successful trading hub.

There are a number of small scale fish markets around Jaffna city, but the one located on Beach Road is easy to get to and very relaxed. The fish market in Jaffna gets started right around 7 am and has usually a good selection of exotic fish and the normal catch of the day.

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Jaffna, Sri Lanka is located 279 km from Sri Lanka's international airport and 303 km from Colombo.
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