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Dikwella (Dickwella) Sri Lanka

While the main focus in Dikwella is on beach life and surfing, many interesting places to visit are close by. 
Tea- and rubber plantations, the market town of Matara and the Yala National Park with its exciting wildlife are just some expamples to choose from.

Dikwella Diving - Polhena Reef 
Polhena is a sea bathing spot situated in the city limits of Matara. The reef, which encircles this spot, provides protection, because the water level within this area is shallow. There is a natural reef with lots of corals.Right in front of this spot there are Hotels, which cater to the local as well as the foreign tourist providing facilities for beach vacation. The sea is inviting, and the beaches extensive, wide and unpolluted. Plenty of scope for fishing, diving, and sea and sun sport.

Yala National Park 
Yala National Park is one of the best parks in the world to observe and photograph leopards in the wild. With it considerable size, the terrain of the national park is varied from flat plains to rocky outcrops.

Wevurukannala Buddha Statue
At the famous Wevurukannala colossal Buddha statue you can climb the stairway behind this statute and from the top you can have a scenic view of the countryside with paddy fields and vegetation. 

Devinwara (city of gods) 
Devinwara, the city of gods in Sinhala language is important for many reasons. First for its historical importance, and second for its religious importance, and third for its geographical location.
While some of the ruins in this area gives evidence to prove its historical importance, Devalaya or the Temple stands as a monument to prove its religious importance, and the Light House which stands about a quarter kilometer by the sea coast shows its geographical importance.


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Dondra Point
The Dondra Point is situated in the southern most point of Sri Lanka facing the Indian Ocean which is the main sea route between west and east. And the Northern most point is Point Pedro situated in Northern Province. The Dondra Point is important for its sea route