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Matara is situated in the very South of Sri Lanka, about 160 km from Colombo. The sea frontage to Matara city gives a glamorous look with a beach which extends to about half a kilometer in distance. When compared to other beaches this beach is full of various kinds of trees as shades. 

Polhena, Matara's beach area is 2 km away from the city center.
There anybody can swim safely for it is naturally fenced with coral. The river Nilwala which runs through the city falls into the sea at Totamuna, which is also a part of the city. The Crow Island is a small island facing the beach and it is a spectacular sight with its greenery filled with trees.

Matara, as commercial center of Sri Lanka's South, consists of high buildings with a lot of business activities where many reputed companies from Colombo having their branches in the city. The bus terminal facing the sea beach provides a lot of facilities for the passengers who come in and out of the city with state as well as private transport.

The popular mode of transport in the city is by "Three Wheeler".
Hotels of all standards are available within the city. The city is full of shopping outlets for any necessary requirements.

Traveling from Colombo to Matara can be made either by train or air conditioned buses. While there are only a limited number of trains, buses are available every half and hour. Both the journeys take about four hours. Matara is the last railway station where the railway lines end in the South.

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Matara, Sri Lanka is located 190 km from Sri Lanka's international airport and 152 km from Colombo.
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