Wakeboarding Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka you find some of the best spots for wakeboarding, wake surfing and wake skating. Have a look at our wakeboard packages or browse the main locations Negombo, Bentota or Hikkaduwa.
All wakeboard Packages can easily be combined with one of our Sri Lanka Tours.  

Wakeboarding Locations in Sri Lanka

In Negombo you will train on the Ging Oya river. Since the slalom course is in a dead end arm of the river there is no current. The shore is overgrown by mangroves and palm trees preventing a back wash as well as wind waves. 
Regardless of the time of the day you always get the most perfect conditions.

Facing the Indian Ocean, a tropical lagoon and a major river Bentota offers water sports possibilities nowhere else to be found.
Apart from swimming, body-surfing or diving in the sea, you can jet-ski, windsurf, parasail or enjoy wakeboarding on the Bentota river and lagoon.

In Hikkaduwa you can train on the Hikkaduwa Ganga, a 5000 sqm inland lake which is connected to the Indian Ocean..
The only other presence on the lake are a few local fishermen, fishing for sweet-water prawns in their outrigger boats.