Sri Lanka Handicrafts

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has something for every pocket - even jewelry and furniture of a high standard is reasonably priced. 
Catering to the top end of the market, several contemporary designers have tailored and augmented traditional craftsmanship into high-quality sophisticated wares.

You can buy crafts directly from the producer although the quality, unless you know what are you looking for, can be variable.

Most people are happy to buy souvenirs from road stalls where intricate brass and silverware and varied woodcarving jostle alongside delicate lacquer, leather ware, batik and lace.

Don't forget to bargain before buying!

Whatever your interest, be it pottery, intricately carved spoons, exquisite lace, weaving, lacquer or sinewy silver chains, you will find your luggage considerably heavier when leaving Sri Lanka.

The only consolation is that the handicrafts in Sri Lanka are of a high standard, compared to those of some other popular tourist destinations.

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