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Ayurveda Resort Negombo

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka

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Ayurveda Hotel Negombo Sri Lanka Ayurveda Hotel Negombo Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Ayurveda Hotel
Ayurveda Hotel Sri Lanka Negombo Ayurveda Hotel Negombo Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Ayurveda Hotel

Pavilions Ayurveda Resort Overview

Ayurveda Pavilions is the premier Ayurvedic resort in Sri Lanka and is situated in a quiet and tranquil neighborhood close to the seaside town of Negombo. The Ayurveda Pavilions Resort is the place to go for holistic healing for the mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing and dates back many thousands of years. At the Ayurveda Pavilions, these ancient treatments are put into practice by trained professionals and doctors within the precincts of a beautiful and lush resort. Designed by celebrated architect Anura Ratnavibhushana as an exclusive health retreat, guests could choose from 12 Luxury Pavilions and 24 Rooms that ensure maximum privacy. At the Ayurveda Pavilions Resort, the world is locked out and tranquility is locked in along with the therapeutic powers of traditional Ayurveda.

36 purpose-built rooms provide maximum benefits to guests who seek an exclusive Ayurveda experience.
12 spacious Pavilions exude a village-like charm with their designs inspired by a Sri Lankan village house complete with a private garden and verandah. 16 Classic Rooms and 8 Standard Rooms are located in close proximity to the Ayurveda Centre.
Both Pavilions and Rooms are ideal for guests seeking a holistic experience without foregoing amenities.

From pampering to healing, no stone is left unturned at the Ayurveda Niwasa. The Niwasa strives to ensure that you receive an unparalleled range of treatments based on ancient Ayurvedic therapy. The extensive Ayurvedic menu offers a range of preventative and curative programmes such as yoga or music therapy. Once you step into the safety of the Ayurveda Niwasa, you will be indulged with hot oil treatments, herbal soaks, herbal wraps or the wonders of a body massage.

The treatments the Ayurveda Resort administers are based on authentic Ayurvedic ingredients and therapies. Treatments for weight reduction, stress relief and improvement of the digestive system are a few examples of extensive treatment packages we offer. We also carry an array of luxury spa products such as Beam and Link Sri Lanka.

The Ayurveda Resort ensures that it caters to not just external treatment programmes but internal as well. Special treatment programmes for each guest are accompanied by unique menus created in consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor. The a la carte menu takes you on a culinary journey to appeal to the taste buds of all. There is signature dining or dining in the privacy of your Pavilion garden. Otherwise, a meal at the Herb and Spice Restaurant would also be a most enjoyable experience.

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Negombo Sri Lanka


Airport: 12 km

Colombo City: 32 km

Map: Negombo Map

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