Sri Lanka Wildlife Tours

Sri Lanka supports a huge range of both unique indigenous species and those passing through on their annual migrations. For over 2,000 years, swathes of land have been preserved as sanctuaries by Sri Lankan royalty – Mihintale, the world’s first reserve, was created here in the third century BC. Now there are 100 areas of protected land in the country.

On our special itinerary Wildlife Tours – you can see elephants, deer, monkeys – which are widely dispersed about theisland and relatively easy to spot. Others, being either shy, rare, migratory, endangered, endemic to small areas, or a combination of these traits, are more elusive – leopards, giant turtles and whale sharks for example.

The aim is it to provide you with a Sri Lanka Wildlife Experience in spectacular solitude and soothing comfort – providing you with an authentic back to nature experience that needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

The accessibility, infrastructure and facilities of the National Wildlife Parks in Sri Lanka varies considerably. For example, though some parks are just a short drive from the beach, others are more remote and can only be reached by 4x4 Jeeps.

We offer a comprehensive range of wildlife tours for Sri Lanka. You also can choose between small, budget guesthouses, stunning beach hotels, ECO resorts and colonial boutique hotels. Your next dream holiday is just a few clicks away.

Sri Lanka 's abundant bird-life makes the island a true Ornithologist's paradise.from $305*
Yala Safari
The beautiful, rustic tree houses are built on the top a huge trees; giving you excellent views.from $175*
Yala Safari
The Big Game Safari Camp is located close to the entrance facing the Yala National Park.from $300*
Leopard Safari
With this Leopard Trails Safari, the aim is it to provide a Sri Lankan wildlife safari experience.from $365*
Wildlife Tour
All our Sri Lanka 3 Day Ultra Deluxe Tours can be easily personalized and combined with each other.from $225*
Wildlife Tour
Between May and October Sperm Whales and Blue Whales pass along Sri Lanka's East Coast.from $190*
Sri Lanka Airport Transfer
by a/c limousine fixed rates

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