Sri Lanka Trekking

Sri Lanka

For a more intimate view of Sri Lanka it is better to rely on your own feet!
Trekking through the countryside and villages enables you to enjoy and interact with the environment and people better than any other activity.
You will probably also be amazed by the huge range of smiling faces in the countryside.

The main trekking center in Sri Lanka is Kitulgale, the starting point for a variety of treks into the Hill Country.

Decent hiking maps are hard to come by in Kirulgala itself, though there is a good four-piece country map available from the Survey Department in Colombo.

Local villagers, however, are more than willing to help you navigate, though try to be patient.

The most famous route for a good, stiff hike is up Sri Lanka's most sacred mountain, the Adam's Peak, which is the site for many a pilgrim between January and April.

You will be rewarded with breath-taking views.
Especially at dawn when you are treated to an extremely fine view - the hill country raises to the east, while to the west the land slopes away to the sea.

There are also numerous walking tours to try in and around Sri Lanka's many National Parks.

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