Sri Lanka Spices

Sri Lanka

Already in the early days of trading Sri Lanka was known as a spice island.
Here are some spicy details along with their Sinhalese name:

Abba - Mustard
Black mustard seed is very pungent and acrid. It is used whole, powdered or finely ground, in everything from pickles and chutneys to meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Enasal - Cardamom
An exotic addition to rice dishes and confectionary, especially in the Sri Lankan national pudding, Watalappam.

Curundu - Cinnamon
The finest quality cinnamon for cooking is pale in color with a pleasing fragrance.

Sera - Lemon Grass
A vital ingredient in Sri Lankan, Thai and Mexican cooking to flavor meat and fish.

Sadikka - Nutmeg
The fruits of the nutmeg tree have single-seed berries which produce two different spices, mace and nutmeg. They greatly improve the flavor of a curry dish.

Velliche Misis - Chilies
Ripe chilies may be cream, yellow, orange or even puple-black and are easy to dry in the sun or in a slow oven.

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