Sri Lanka Nightlife

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the hot spot in South Asia for the most active nightlife. A part of the Galle Road in Colombo is said to resemble Las Vegas because of the many casinos here.
Though gambling is illegal in some South Asian countries and Casinos are hard to come by, Sri Lanka boasts of quite a few of them. These casinos, which are full of life and activity the whole night through, are not allowed to be called casinos. So instead they are called clubs.

Sri Lanka has plenty of bars and nightclubs. Even though most of the nightlife takes place at five star hotels in Colombo, there are also many other places throughout the rest of Sri Lanka which cater to those who enjoy a lively night and early morning!

Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay are famous for their well organized and colourful beach parties.

In all of Asia, Sri Lanka is believed to be the country with the largest per capita consumption of alcohol. Whilst Sri Lanka's neighboring countries are mostly dry, alcohol flows quite freely in this country.

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