Sri Lanka East Coast Diving

Sri Lanka East Coast Diving

Even compared to the Maldives, Sri Lanka's East Coast is one of Asia’s top dive destinations. Nilaveli, Trincomalee and Passikudah all have sandbanks with shallow sand or rock bottoms. This makes it easier if you want to learn to dive but there's something for every skill level.
Marine National Parks, Wreck Diving, Whale Diving and, of course the coral reefs with its colourful fish swarms.

When is Diving Season on Sri Lanka' East Coast?

You can enjoy the perfect diving from mid April to the end of October.
During the rest of the year the Indian Ocean on Sri Lanka' East Coast is sometimes too rough and the underwater visibility is limited.

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Diving in Nilaveli
Diving in Trincomalee
Diving in Passikudha

Nilaveli Diving

Nilaveli Diving

The beautiful beach of Nilaveli is perfect for shore dives, snorkelling and, of course, boat dives. The majority of the Nilaveli dive sites are shallow good for both, scuba diving and snorkelling. Aside from the coral reefs, there are also a number of ship wreck nearby.
The Pigeon Island Marine Park is 1 km offshore from Nilaveli Beach and the reef there is shallow, making snorkelling almost as satisfying as diving. Home to dozens of corals, hundreds of reef fish (including blacktip reef sharks) and turtles.

Trincomalee Diving

Diving in Trincomalee relates mostly to wreck diving. Not only due to being largest natural harbor in Asia and a trading port since ancient times, but Trincomalee also was once the British Naval Headquarters for South Asia. It is littered with ship wrecks as well as remains of Japanese Zero fighters and British Hurricanes that attempted to defend the town.
More 'natural' dives sites include the Swami Rock below the Koneswarm Temple and Fort Fredrick Dive Point, Uppuveli House Reef, Eel Rock, Fort Rock, and 'Cannons'.

Passikudha Diving

Passekudah is best known for world-class snorkelling, but scuba divers will find great diving sites, too. Namely the 'Mushroom Rock', 'The Domes, ship wrecks like the 'Lady Blake' and a boiler wreck. In nearby Baticaloa you'll find the 'Muslim rock', 'Porppa Paru', 'Kappara Paru'
and some more boiler wrecks.

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