Sri Lanka Drinks

Sri Lanka

The famous Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Tea is available as pekoe, orange pekoe, broken orange pekoe, broken orange pekoe fannings, and even dust, a low quality and inexpensive tea.

Ginger Beer
An non-alcoholic soft drink marketed as having healthy Ayurvedic qualities.

The Sri Lankan Arrack is fermented and refined Toddy. It is produced in a variety of grades and qualities. Some of them almost lethal.

Arrack is sold as "shots" in restaurants or by the bottle in licensed alcohol outlets.

A natural drink that tastes a bit like cider.
There are three types of Toddy in Sri Lanka: Coconut Toddy from the southern lowlands, Hill-Country Toddy which is made from the juice of the kitul palm and Northern Toddy which is made from the spiky palmyra tree.

The local Lion Beer together with many international brands like Carlsberg, Corona and even wheat beer can be found in most alcohol shops and restaurants.

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