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We make sure that, your biking tour with us is an experience in itself and not just another peddling tour. In ensuring this we offer world class biking trails covering, mountains, valleys, tropical rain forests, reservoirs, ancient cities, beaches and pristine remote villages. 

Furthermore this will be learning intervention to a 2500 year culture and an insight to a unique way of life in this land of discoveries.

Our unmatched service combines professionalism and the best knowledge of the wilderness in Sri Lanka ! Our own guides have the experience of running many tours with many professional tour leaders from all over the world.

Our Sri Lanka Mountain Bike Tours are being spiced-up with many interesting activities like trekking / canoeing / Wildlife Safaris / Camping and many more nature and adventure related activates that you would love to be part of.

Please remember that it is not possible to be absolutely precise about the grading of a trail as there are many contributory factors involved. The main benefit of grading a trail is to provide you with an overall indicator to compare one ride against another. We therefore look at the following 6 factors before outlining the grade.

  • Length of the ride for a day.
  • Average altitude and altitude gain and loss.
  • Trail conditions.
  • Level of backpacking required.
  • Temperature range and likely weather conditions.
  • Level of humidity [ can jump from 70% to 90% very easily]
  • Remoteness to services and general level of comfort.

* Please note the weather condition in Sri Lanka :

Tropical, average 27C, Central Hills- cooler, with temperatures dropping to 14C. The south-east monsoon brings the rain to the western, south western and central regions from May to July, while the north-western monsoon occurs in the north and east in December and January. Sri Lanka generally boasts of a good climate for holiday-makers throughout the year.

Soft - MTB trails 
For Part time and leisure Riders - Although predominantly on dirt roads, these trails may also be on short and easy off-road sections. Mainly on flat and very gentle slopes. Usually, these types of trails are short in duration and done at lower altitudes; often they are optional, providing a rest day in between the tour. You would usually ride for 4 to 5 hours during a specific day.

Moderate - MTB trails
Most people who enjoy a weekend of Biking in the hills or mountains at home are capable of undertaking a trail of this level. These levels of trails are for Cyclist who rides regularly as a means of exercise. There are a variety of gentle off-road routes with very few technical sections. [But we could always provide our clients the option of taking a more difficult section or in the alternative ride on an easier route / or travel in the backup vehicle.] You would usually ride for 5-7 hours a day and minute elevation difference might occur.

Pro/Technical- MTB trails 
For trails which entail Professional / Technical sections, fitness is the most important component and you may have to improve yours before the start of the expedition. These sections are usually located at significantly higher altitudes and with substantial elevation differences. Some routes are designed with tough single trails that would require the utmost competence [But we could always provide our clients the option of riding on these trails or take an easier route / travel in the backup vehicle.] You would ride for 7-9 hours per day.
All Cycling Packages can easily be combined with one of our Sri Lanka Tours.

Hill Country Cycling Tour with Camping (6d/5n)

Highlights of this Cycling Tour

  • Cycling in the hill capital of Sri Lanka - Kandy .
  • Peddling to little England in Sri Lanka - Nuwara Eliya
  • Leaving to the National Park in the Highest Plateau - Horton Plain's National Park. Conquer Satan's Steps on a bike & return River Garden - Belihuloya.
  • Cycling in & around the Adventure Capital of Sri Lanka - Belihuloya.


  • All cycling routes are designed by Eco Team allowing cyclists to ride on village back roads avoiding main roads as much as possible.
  • Average riding per day would be about 40km on soft and moderate routes mostly.
  • There are steep climbs at hills where clients have the option to get in to the back-up vehicle which will follow them in all cycling routes.

Day 1 - Kandy:
Meet and greet at the pickup point around 5.00am and transfer to Kandy . [ You have the option of arriving Kandy on your own, too] 
Late Morning Cycling Route - Kandy - Hantane - Tea estates - Kandy - start of tour in Kandy

After breakfast we transfer to the top of the Hantane Hills, with its magnificent view of Kandy and the daunting Knuckles Mountains . The ride follows a trail leading to the estates, where scores of brightly dressed tea pickers pluck the top leaves of the green bush.

Riding after lunch we continue along the tea trails, where once again the group can be divided as there are both off-road and road options. Both routes end at the estate's tea factory where we can stop and sample the refreshing local brew and tour the factory.

Total cycling distance 26km.[3 ½ Hours- Moderate to Hard Cycling Route ]

Day 2 Kandy - Nuwara Eliya:
For Those who feel like a big challenge, we ride along the old B39 road, breaking our journey at Hanguranketa. This small village has an ancient temple with magnificent murals, which dates from the Kandyan period. The Hanguranketa valley is also one of the few places where you see terraced paddy fields. Beyond the paddy field is tea and the area is reputed to produce the finest teas on the island.

Total cycling distance 89km. [7 Hours- Hard Cycling Route ]

Day 3 Nuwara Eliya- Horton Plains - Belihuloya
Nature walk in HORTON PLAINS NATURE RESERVE , which is approximately 10,000 Hectares in extent, is haunted by Elk, Deer, Giant Squirrel, Wild Boar, Wild Hare , Porcupine, and a variety of Migratory birds, unique to this region. According to a recent count there are 16 Leopards in Horton Plains. If you are very lucky you may get a glimpse of a Leopard during your sojourn in the Horton Plains.Bird Watching in this ecosystem is particularly interesting because it is home to 95% of the endemic birds of Sri Lanka! 

Within a majestic basin-shaped valley bordered by huge steep rocks and dark green forests of pines and tropic trees the highest waterfall of Sri Lanka [ 240.8m] plunges with two silver ropes over a vertical dark gray wall from the green saddle between Mt.Welihena and Mt. Bambaragala into a deep pool only 500m walking distance from the trail.

Total cycling distance approximately 40 km. [ 4/5 Hours - Moderate & Hard ]

Day 4 - Belihuloya - Kalthota 
After breakfast, travel 5km to Kinchigune village which borders the Samanalawewa reservoir. From Kinchigune, travel passing the Samanalawewa reservoir dam, to Pambahinna where you turn off and proceed to Kalthota (9km). From Kalthota, travel 26km on a hilly road uphill to Balangoda where you will meet the main road leading to Belihuloya.

Total cycling distance approximately 40km from Belihuloya to Kalthota and from there up to Balangoda [4 ½ Hours - Hard to Moderate Cycling Route ]

Day 5 Belihuloya -Kinchigune:
The interesting feature in this cycle trail is that, it offers you a considerable diversity taking you along the main road, by roads, gravel roads through small towns, villages, paddy fields, forest patches and so on with short ups and downs and a steep uphill ride.

The easy first section of about 9km of this trail from River Garden to Ambalantenna, along the main road and past the Sabaramuwa University will warm you up for the rough ride ahead. From Ambalanthenna onwards the ride, mostly through the thick forest is interesting and rough. The road, washed off at places will make your ride more interesting by being eventful. As you enter the village of Kosgama you will be greeted by beautiful paddy fields and small village houses.This section is about 4km. Then comes, the challenge! This stretch of about 6km up to the main road at Marangahawela is one steep uphill climb. Do not despair for; the beautiful forest will give you enough of cool shade and serenity to make you keep riding.

After the tiring climb, the final phase, a downhill ride of about 12km along the main road from Marangahawela back to River Garden , will help to cool you off gradually before end of the trail.

Total cycling distance approximately 30km. [4 Hours - Hard to Moderate Cycling Route ]

Day 6 Belihuloya
After breakfast proceed to your next destination. 40 kilometre stretch of cycling could be done from Belihuloya and thereafter be transferred to your next destination by vehicle.

The cycling tours are offered in the following 3 accommodation standards. Accommodation options have been selected after careful evaluation.

Value: Basic but clean. With a typical Sri Lankan touch , relaxed atmosphere and personalized service at small family run guesthouse.
US$ 590 (per person)

Standard: - 3 Star equal: Better comforts and facilities with extra comforts. Mostly large establishments with standardized service.
US$ 610 (per person)

Deluxe: High standards of quality, decor, service and much more, with many extra comforts and activities to indulge yourself.
US$ 780 (per person)

Rates include:

  • Accommodation & meals as specified in the programme.[ Day 1 - 5 HB and Day 5 BB]
  • Mountain Bikes in prime condition and Helmets.
  • Transport for the tour. [ A micro van should be provided with ample space / hood rack for clients bikes / spare bike / guide's bike] Please note the total mileage calculated for this tour [6 Days] is for 700Km. If exceeded the above quoted mileage a supplement of US$ 00.40 Per km will be charged.
  • Well experienced cycling guide , his fees , meals and accommodation.
  • Packed lunches where specified.
  • All government taxes & all service charges.

Rates Exclude

  • Any tips to the staff.
  • Any personal effects.
  • Water bottles and refreshments which should be carried by clients at all times.
  • Additional food or beverages you order

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