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Authentic Ayurveda Resort

South Coast, Sri Lanka

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Authentic Ayurveda Sri Lanka Ayurveda Resort Ayurveda treatment Ayurveda Spa Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Ayurveda Resort


This authentic Ayurveda SPA Resort is located just outside historical Galle and provides you with easy access to some of the best beaches on Sri Lanka's South Coast. Fully certified and with over 17 years of professional experience, the Ayurveda Resort offers holistic herbal cures & treatments for all those seeking to de-stress, detox, relax and to find relief through ayurvedic medicine and a personalized ayurvedic diet. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world's oldest holistic healing treatments and designed to prevent illness and promote wellness by balancing mind, body and spirit.

You will be supported by a skilled team of doctors and therapists. After a thorough examination and a traditional ayurvedic pulse diagnosis, the professional and fully licensed ayurvedic doctors will prescribe you a curative and preventive personalized treatment plan, based on your constitution type and the doshas that are out of balance.

The following Ayurveda Therapies are available:

  • Panchakarma Cure
  • Anti-Stress Therapy
  • Rejuvenation
  • Purification
  • Weight Loss / Reduction Programs
  • Traditional Ayurvedic massage treatments

Beside acupuncture, there is no extra charge for any special treatments and you don’t have to decide which package you want prior to your arrival in Sri Lanka. The doctors will discuss your medical and treatment program with you at the first consultation. Based on your current condition, the length of your stay and your goals and expectations.

Depending on your nationality a personal assistant (English & German native speakers) will be assigned to you for all consultations with the doctors, taking notes and translating if necessary. Female guests will be treated by female therapists for the abhyanga (full-body massage) and male guests by male therapists. The doctor will compile an individual nutritious ayurvedic diet plan for you. Expect to be surprised by the diversity of ayurvedic cuisine! In order to ensure that you continue to benefit from your ayurveda cure even after your stay, the doctors will give you herbal medicines to take home with you and advise on a healthy ayurvedic diet and life style that can easily be followed back home.

Yoga and Ayurveda share the same roots. They both developed from the old Vedic scripts and complement each other in a very natural and effective way. The word Yoga means “to unite”, effectively uniting the body and mind in the spirit of a holistic approach to healing and of physical and mental health. At the Ayurveda Resort you can practice Hatha Yoga in the tradition of Swami Sivananda from Rishikesh, India. Everyone can participate for free and you will be supported at your own level. The daily practice helps to slowly imprint the Asanas into the muscle memory, therefore the body is stretched, strengthened and the mind is focused. In addition to the daily morning classes, you can book private yoga classes for a small fee.

The comfortable rooms at the Ayurveda Resort are spacious, bright and and provide you with a lush tropical view from your bed. All rooms are well maintained and given a unique preparation for your arrival.
Naturally the food you consume is an important aspect of your ayurvedic treatment and lifestyle. The open-air restaurant is situated amidst the 10.000 m2 garden, by the pool, and allows you to enjoy healthy meals with a fresh breeze. All dishes off the ayurvedic buffet are chosen by your doctors, to ensure that the ayurvedic diet suits your body's needs. All ingredients are natural, locally sourced and meals are prepared fresh by qualified chefs. Whether your diet is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free or if you have any other requirements; the kitchen will be happy to accommodate you.

Galle is the metropolitan city in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka with approximately 120.000 inhabitants. The old town, which is located in Galle Fort is especially noteworthy and has its own quaint and quiet charm. The Galle Fort was declared a UNESCO world cultural heritage site and only measures 35 hectares, therefore it is easily explored in the space of an afternoon. You can walk all around the fort on the top of the impressive ramparts, take a stroll through the picturesque narrow lanes or go for a shopping spree. Several Sri Lankan artisans have opened shop there and you will be able to find lovely clothing, books, paintings, jewelry, bags etc. The buildings in the fort have been refurbished beautifully and are well worth seeing.

Ayurveda Treatment Rates

The rates shown are based on one person, sharing a double room and include the full Ayurveda Treatment Package  (including room, full board, consultations, Ayurveda treatments,  medicated oils and ayurvedic medicine, morning yoga and meditation). During winter peak season please add EURO 10/day p.p.

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Sri Lankan Ayurvedic tradition


The Sri Lankan Ayurvedic tradition is a mixture of Ayurveda systems of North Indian origin, the Siddha system from South India, Unani system of medicine from the Arabs, and most importantly the Desheeya Chikitsa which is the Indigenous medicine of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka also claims to be the first country to have established dedicated Ayurvedic hospitals in world history, Mihintale still has the ruins of what is believed to be the first ever Ayurvedic hospital in the world.

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