Sri Lanka Holiday 2021

5 Reasons why to book a
Sri Lanka Holiday in 2022

With Sri Lanka open again for all visitors, it's easily one of the top destinations to recover from the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic in style. The unique combination of stunning nature, ancient traditions and activities heals body & mind almost by itself, even if you skip the authentic Ayuveda SPA's. For a small island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers almost unlimited experiences and activities, even outside the ‘usual‘ bucket list of things to do.
From whale watching off Trincomalee and Mirissa, to one of the ‘world’s most romantic train rides’, discovering the old Dutch Canal and the nearby tropical Negombo Lagoon by Canoe or SUP, to the ultimate snorkeling and scuba diving experience in the warm Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has it all!

Naturally there are new priorities when it comes to
Travel Planning in the New Normal

Here are 5 Reasons why you should to book a
Sri Lanka Holiday in 2021:

1. Most importantly Sri Lanka is a safe holiday destination in times of COVID-19. The Expert Committee of Sri Lanka's Ministry of Health (MoH) has controlled the corona pandemic successfully from the very beginning and, with only two, well monitored, international entry points, you are protected from super-spreaders and country-wide lockdowns. The country itself adds an additional layer of protection; clean air and 'outdoor living' with constant sea breeze eliminates the risks of air-conditioned indoor venues and central heating systems. In terms of health and safety, the government issued “Safe Tourism Badges” to accredited hotels that abide by specific safety requirements like having a certified medic on call and holding an “adequate stock” of personal protection equipment.

2. The Ultimate Robinson Crusoe Experience - after almost a year of closed borders and no tourism, Sri Lanka presents herself in a 'virgin' state. Enjoy empty beaches, no crowds, unspoiled nature, heartfelt hospitality and genuine local interactions that are not staged or part of a program. A real barefoot holiday in an un-touched Sri Lanka that you will never again experience like this. Enjoy the unique diversity and breathtaking beauty of the island at your own pace. Uncrowded, white beaches, magnificent ancient temples, unspoiled jungle scenery, a fascinating underwater world and lush tea plantations are only some of the attractions of Sri Lanka.

3. Whatever it is you are looking for in your holiday, everything in Sri Lanka is within a day's reach. Unlike the mostly flat Maldivian or Caribbean Islands, Sri Lanka is like a miniature continent with cool mountain ranges, rain forests, cave temples, ancient & modern cities and, of course, some of the best beaches Asia has to offer.
Contact us for Tailor-Made Sri Lanka 2022 Holiday Packages, with build-in social distancing and non-intrusive prevention measures. Unforgettable individual and bespoke Sri Lanka experiences from our travel experts. Traveling with us is anything but standard, we will plan your entire stay according to your travel-style and safe you the time to search thousands of websites for the right package. Take advantage of our 20 years+ Sri Lanka travel experience to realize your perfect vacation – from simple blissful experiences to multi-faceted, awe-inspiring adventures. Contact us for a free consultation on how to plan a truly unique holiday in Sri Lanka.

4. Best holiday value for your money – with Sri Lanka's tourist industry slowly getting back in full swing, hotels are competing with reduced rates, free upgrades and even more personalized services. We always have the best hotel rates in Sri Lanka, including Free upgrades and a dedicated personal service before and during your holiday. And it’s not only sun worshipers, honeymooners and water sports enthusiasts that get their money’s worth on a holiday in Sri Lanka, but anyone looking for peace and quiet after the long Covid-lockdowns.

5. Last not least, you can use the opportunity to get all the regular health checks and treatments you couldn't get due to the Coronavirus blocking access to GP's and hospitals. With healthcare systems all over the world rightfully prioritizing services for patients with COVID symptoms and high-risk groups, non-essential medical treatments were either canceled or wait-listed. Sri Lanka as Medical Tourism Destination has not only modern hospitals, well equipped and with dedicated professional staff, but there are also no waiting lists and treatments as well as medicamentation are up to 60% cheaper than in Europe. Contact us for all available options.

It’s important to point out that we are not just a bespoke Sri Lanka Travel Agency, but a dedicated travel partner who knows how to make a good trip an outstanding one. We are known for consistent high-quality service, the best tours arrangements and unmatched safety standards. Sri Holidays is the first choice as a Sri Lanka Travel Partner who discreetly takes care of all your needs and well-being.

  • Over 20 years of professional experience
  • Full Implementation of all WHO guidelines for Coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention
  • All health & safety certificates up to date
  • 24/7 Customer Hotline
  • Experienced, English speaking chauffeur guides with up to date health certificates
  • French, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese speaking guides available
  • Own fleet of new a/c limousines & mini-vans
  • Best Rates Guarantee due to direct contracts with most hotels and service providers in Sri Lanka
  • All vehicles are equipped with WiFi, mini-fridge, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and face masks.
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