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Unawatuna Sri Lanka
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Unawatuna is a beautiful and quiet beach resort just 5 km south of Galle.
While Unawatuna offers many hotels and guesthouses for all travelers, it is still an uncrowded, authentic Sri Lankan beach resort.

The name Unawatuna derives its name from the Singhalese words, Onna-wetuna, which translates into "there it fell". Over a period of time, Onna-wetuna became Unawatuna.

A golden beach which is protected by coral reefs, safe swimming, wreck & reef diving and some surf points making Unawatuna a more and more popular travel destination.

Traveling time from Sri Lanka's International Airport to Unawatuna takes about 2.30 h by car / taxi.

The Village of Unawatuna offers accommodation for all budgets, including private guest-houses and up-market hotels, and you can find the usual mix of small supermarkets, Internet cafe's and handicraft shops.

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Unawatuna, Sri Lanka is located 149 km from Sri Lanka's international airport and121 km from Colombo.
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