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Cinnamon Lodge Habarana

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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A haven for the time traveller, the nature lover, the escapist, and the explorer, Cinnamon Lodge Hotel Habarana is a 5-star resort nestled in nature’s serenity right in the heart of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle. A place that soothes the soul, rejuvenates the senses, and awakens the mind with heavy doses of nature’s tranquillity and centuries-old hospitality.

Just 4 hours from the airport, located in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka’s North Central Province, the the Lodge Hotel Habarana is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Built on a replica of the foundations of the nearby Ritigala ruins, an ancient palace-turned-monastery, our resort brings the original concept of a royal retreat to the 21st century, with luxurious private cottages and suites all fitted with ultra-modern amenities.

We are also in close proximity to the Minneriya National Park, home to many lakes and host of the annual ‘gathering’of hundreds of elephants' coming together across the park to eat the lush grass left behind when the water recedes.

Sprawled across 37 acres of what was once a chena cultivation, the Lodge Hotel in Sigiriya has also restored its surroundings to mother nature’s original architecture by planting over 2000 trees, providing the perfect sanctuary for over 138 species of exotic birds, 2 species of primates,and many others. There are pathways and trails, taking you through wide open spaces and quiet shady spots, with the occasional treehouse to punctuate the surroundings. Any given moment is an opportunity to get up close and personal with nature.

The recipient of Trip Advisors Traveller’s Choice Award means guests can expect nothing but the finest service and environmentally-friendly practices at the hotel. What’s more, thisSigiriya Hotel has won numerous other accolades and certifications for green practices, including winning best 5-star resort at the Sri Lanka Tourism Awards.

So, come to Habarana and if you to, stay at the Cinnamon Lodge Hotel Habarana. Awaken to a world of adventure, relaxation and gastronomy like never before.

The rooms at the Lodge Hotel Habarana, as with every aspect of the resort, have been built on elevated foundations, mirroring those of the Ritigala monastery & retreat close by, with quaint bungalow-like rooms and suites built above it. Even the beds are elevated to make you feel like royalty from the moment you lay your head down on our plush king-sized beds. The many scattered units are interspersed with thousands of trees, making your surroundings absolutely blissful. Book a deluxe room or a suite to fully experience the comfort of this resort and know what reviews mean when they say guests are royalty here.

The team of expert chefs go out on a limb every day to create menus that delight the senses, combining heady Sri Lankan spices with international favourites. They’re big on fusion dining too and combine the best of all types of cuisine to create an imaginative spread at each of the menus. An own organic farm supplies many of the vegetables, herbs and daily used in the cooking, including livestock. Walk into any of Lodge Hotel Habarana's specialty dining venues and indulge in a meal fit for kings.

A part of our royal charm has got to be the Wellness Spa and recreation extras that collectively make it one of the most sought after Sigiriya hotels by couples, families, friends and other groups. Keep fit on the tennis courts or go for an exhilarating bike ride through the forest. The swimming pool, designed to resemble royal bathing pools, is readily available to unwind in. You could even just simply relax with a good massage while the little ones keep themselves amused in the kids’ play area! There are more than enough activities within the resort to keep you occupied between excursions during your stay. Experience extras fit for kings at Cinnamon Lodge.

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Sigiriya Sri Lanka


Airport: 198 km

Colombo City: 222 km

Map: Sigiriya Map

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