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Giritale Hotel

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

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Beach Hotel Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka National park Hotel Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Safari Hotel
Beach Hotel Sri Lanka Polonnaruwa National Park Hotel Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Safari Hotel


The exquisite tropical holiday destination, Giritale Hotel is in the exotic and cultural city, right in the heart of Sri Lankans Cultural Triangle. Surrender to the pristine beauty of Minneriya Reservoir, complete with the sweeping lush greenery view of Minneriya and Kavudulla National Parks

The Giritale Hotel is across in a wide land area, a picturesque tropical heaven complete with nature’s tranquility and many centuries old – warm hospitality. The hotel executes comfort and aims to create a unique and memorable experience for its guests, soothing the soul, awaking the mind and giving an opportunity to get closer to the nature. 

Deluxe rooms
Experience the surrounding environment by residing in one of our 08 deluxe rooms, each accompanying the luxurious furnishing while capturing a unique breathtaking view of Giritale.
-Mini Bar
-Individual air conditioning
-Telephone facilities
-Attached baths with hot and cold water

Standard Rooms 
Overlooking the great tank and the beautiful wild life; lies our comfortable accommodative spaces named as Standard rooms. The 34 modestly furnished rooms wait to welcome your graceful presence.
-Individual Air conditioning
-Telephone facilities
-Attached baths with hot and cold water

Enjoy your holiday in a total stress free environment, where the dedicated staff, take care of all the worrisome factors, which barricade you from experiencing moments of total bliss. Giritale Hotel Polonnaruwa proudly offers:
• Air-conditioned restaurant, capable of seating 100 people at a time.
• Television with satellite channels
• Laundry service
• Herbal center
• Foreign currency encashment
• Pool and deck 
• Travel counter 
• Meeting facilities
• Oudoor garden wedding 
• Bird Watching

'The Gathering' is the name given to the elephants that assemble on the banks of the Minneriya Reservoir during the dry season. Every evening, between 150 and 200 elephants arrive at the reservoir, mainly to graze the grasses growing on the tank bed. During the drought, the water level drops, revealing a tank bed that allows the grass to grow. The elephants turn to these much needed fodder at a time when foliage in other areas dry up. The Minneriya reservoir also becomes a playground where the elephants can satisfy their water needs.

The Gathering peaks in August and September, at the height of the drought. According to wildlife authorities, the Minneriya gathering is the largest grouping of wild Asian elephants at any given time.

That The Gathering has gained international recognition as a nature "spectacular" may help in lobbying for keep the Minneriya tank for the elephants.

The Gathering ranks sixth on the Lonely Planet wildlife spectaculars list. The list includes famous nature events such as the great wildebeest migration in Serengeti; brown bears feasting in Alaska; the penguin rookery in the Atlantic, the Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico; orca feeding in Argentina, starling roosting in England, and the salmon run in South Africa.

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Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka


Airport: 185 km

Colombo City: 229 km

Map: Polonnaruwa Map

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