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Maravila (Marawila) is a secluded beach resort 30 km north of Negombo Beach. Known for its beautiful beaches, the tranquilled atmosphere and the amazing natural surroundings, Maravila is famous with Sri Lankan honeymooners

If you are looking for a tropical holiday away from it all Maravila is certainly the place to go to.
Coconut plantations, fresh water lagoons, un-crowded beaches and the fishermen with their traditional sailing boats are the perfect background for an outstanding holiday.

But Maravila offers much more; close by you'll find world-class locations for slalom waterski and diving for beginners and professionals.

Most hotels and resorts in Maravila are within huge coconut estates, offering total privacy.

Toddy Tappers
Toddy is a light alcoholic drink that is collected from palm trees and tastes a bit like cider. The Maravila toddy tappers are unique and can be seen at the top of the coconut trees, where there is a thick rope tied on the trees like a network. The tapper walks on this rope from tree to tree collecting the mild extract of the coconut flower from which toddy is brewed. Jokingly it is said that it is the oldest on-line job in Sri Lanka!

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Maravila, Sri Lanka is located 28 km from Sri Lanka's international airport and 52 km from Colombo.
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