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Hotel Tourmaline

Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Beach Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka Luxury Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Beach Hotel
Beach Hotel Sri Lanka Kandy Luxury Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Beach Hotel


Situated atop a hill in the royal stronghold of Kandy, Hotel Tourmaline is as beautiful as its namesake jewel. Guests can enjoy the royal treatment at Hotel Tourmaline with its attentive staff, beautiful décor, seven course silver service meals and soothing spa. The hotel boasts 360 degree views of the surrounding hills; a king surveying his kingdom would not have a better view.

Even the famed Temple of the Tooth can be clearly seen as well as the Bible Rock, Matale Hills, Hantana, Knuckles Group and Hunnas Giriya.

The truly unforgettable view of Kandy from the windows of the Tourmaline brings peace and tranquility to those with tired eyes from staring too long at computer and phone screens. Located high above the city, the Tourmaline is surrounded by silence broken only by the trills of local birds and wild animals. It’s a truly restful experience to be so removed from the maddening bustle of everyday life.

However, the hotel does offer free Wi-Fi so there’s no need to fear being cut off from the modern world. Air conditioning in each room along with the cooler temperatures of Kandy offer welcome respite from the heat of Sri Lanka so that guests so can linger outside and enjoy the sight of mist-capped mountains while sipping on king coconut cut from the hotel’s own trees.

Hotel Tourmaline has been carefully designed to offer guests an intimate, relaxing experience, combining the best of old-world charm with modern comfort.

Hotel Tourmaline Kandy where the staff pride themselves on their spectacular service. The city hotel will make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. From check-in to check-out, Hotel Tourmaline strives to make your life as easy as possible, whether that means picking you up from the train station, offering you a pillow menu so you’ll have your choice of pillow hardness or twenty four hour room service. Every effort is made and no expense spared when it comes to ensuring the guests are treated like royalty.

The tranquil spa is located in the lowest floor of the Tourmaline where the soothing scents of their products suffuse the air. Tourmaline’s spa was developed by the internationally renowned company Premedion and combines the best of Sri Lankan treatments with modern advances. The staff consists of two expertly trained masseuses, one male and one female, so that there will always be someone available to cater to the needs of the guests.

A handcarved wooden enclosure allows guests to enjoy the cleansing effect of a full body steam bath that brings with it a drifting sensation of pure bliss. There is a special room for couples where two beds are placed close enough that guests can still converse or just enjoy basking in each other’s presence. It’s also perfect for mother-daughter bonding time – there’s nothing like a deep tissue massage to ease stress and promote closeness.

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Kandy Sri Lanka


Airport: 136 km

Colombo City: 152 km

Map: Kandy Map

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