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Palagama Beach Hotel

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

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Beach Hotel Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Luxury Hotel Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Beach Hotel
Beach Hotel Sri Lanka Kalpitiya Luxury Hotel Kalpitiya Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Beach Hotel

Beach Hotel Kalpitiya Overview

There’s nothing quite like life by the sea and this beach hotel in Kalpitiya is a beachcombers dream.
The morning sun shimmering on the Indian Ocean, the soothing sound of the surf – peaceful, calm and tranquil. Also increasingly popular international destination for kite-surfing and whale watching, in Kalpitiya there is no shortage of sun, sea and fun all year round.

Each cabana of the Kalpitiya Beach Hotel has been designed in a signature style, combining traditional Sri Lankan materials with a touch of the contemporary.
Queen-size beds, spacious bathrooms and locally designed furnishings create a perfect seaside hideaway.
Take in nature’s beauty with your own private sea view, watch breath-taking sunsets or let the hypnotic sound of the waves lull you to sleep.

Lose track of time while admiring the outstanding sea-view or in the privacy of your own garden, relax in the shade of your veranda or simply close the shutters and chill out in your own air-conditioned room.
Every villa has two bedrooms complete with queen-size beds, spacious bathrooms and colourful locally designed furnishings – adding a touch of comfort and Sri Lankan style to the interior.

The Cabanas are tucked away in the green vegetation of the Palagama Beach Hotel, each cabana with its own charm and personality. All inspired by traditional Sri Lankan design, using natural materials like wood, cajan and illuk – all infused with a colourful, contemporary twist.
And the result? Beautifully original and lovingly crafted Sri Lankan Cabanas that are truly different from any other beach resorts in Sri Lanka.

The restaurant on the beach is a perfect spot to enjoy a snack or a meal by the Indian Ocean beach. All meals are prepared using fresh seafood, meats, vegetables and fruits sourced from the local village, including some ingredients that are grown home-grown.

You have the opportunity to take your experience to the next level by getting in on the action and seeing how the magic happens firsthand. The cooking classes are a great way to take a lasting gift back home with you and potentially impress your friends and family with some great curry concoctions.

Complimenting Sri Lanka’s rich cultural heritage is its equally rich natural beauty. Meandering rivers, glistening lakes, sprawling mangroves, rolling hills, majestic peaks, forests brimming with life are just some of the sights that await you. Finding the time to take it all in will not be easy. The staff and front-desk of Kalpitiya Beach Hotel glad to advise you on how to make the most of your time here.

From November to April, Palagama Beach Kalpitiya is home to hundreds of Spinner Dolphins and the occational Sperm Whale. Setoff early morning on one of the whale watching boats and witness these intelligent creatures frolicking and feeding in the Indian Ocean. It’s nature untouched by the hand of the man, unfolding before your very eyes.

Kilometres of empty, wild beaches stretch out before you. There’s nothing but you, the ocean and the odd fisherman’s hut nestled quietly in the surrounding undergrowth.

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Kalpitiya Sri Lanka


Airport: 135 km

Colombo City: 160 km

Map: Kalpitiya Map

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