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Temple Tree Resorts & Spa

Induruwa, Sri Lanka

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Treat yourself to your ultimate dream holiday in Sri Lanka where supreme luxury meets the finest service. Unmatched splendor greets you as you enter this opulent boutique hotel set in the most romantic setting that the island has on offer for discerning guests. Bringing you extravagant designer furnishings, delectable gourmet cuisine and authentic spa treatments at Temple Tree Resort & Spa Induruwa awaits to welcome you to its sumptuous comforts.

Placed beside the dazzling blue ocean by Induruwa in the south west of Sri Lanka, it is where golden sunsets arouse the passion in the hearts of loved ones. Take a dip in the swimming pool and let the water play with the sun on your skin as you get that perfect tan. Zealous views from your rooms enhance your moods to a sensuous level as you set down for the evening making reminiscences of a lifetime. Be pampered by the friendly staff available to serve you, submitting to every which way you request. Be awed by the unparalleled luxury and experiences Temple Tree Resorts & Spa Induruwa has to offer in Sri Lanka.

Just an hour away from the international airport, this luxury haven is where your dreams come true. Make your stay at Temple Tree Resort & Spa Induruwa when you visit this honeymoon and family holiday destination, where great sun downers and experiences are bound to etch long lived memories in your mind.

The best in boutique hotel experience in Sri Lanka Temple Tree Resort & Spa is sensuously located on a soft sandy beach that is only 10 minutes drive from renowned tourist resort area of Bentota. Promising to provide you with an unmatched experience in Sri Lanka, you are treated to extravagance and best in service.

Offering all modern amenities, the hotel has 09 designer suites and 32 standard rooms with awe-striking and stunning views of the vast Indian Ocean.

Serving Sri Lankan delicacies as well as scrumptious gourmet meals from every continent, Temple Tree Resort & Spa Induruwa hosts an a-la-carte restaurant with sea view. Guests can relax in the hotel’s swimming pool and bathtub, found in the well maintained garden by the dazzling blue ocean; and unwind at the Ayurveda spa, treating the tender needs of mind, body and soul.

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Induruwa Sri Lanka


Airport: 95 km

Colombo City: 50 km

Map: Induruwa Map

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