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Ella Sri Lanka
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Ella is known as the "highest village" in Sri Lanka and offers many ways to experience the amazing flora and fauna of Sri Lanka's Hill Country first-hand.
Guided trekking tours, water falls, tea factories and the various activities are making Ella a great place for ECO tourists and nature lovers. 

Bambarakanda Waterfall
Bambarakanda Ella, the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka (865 feet); this is at its peak capacity during September and October.

Diyaluma Waterfall 
Diyaluma means watery light. To reach the breathtaking beauty of Dunhinda falls (210 feet) you will have to travel about 5 Km from Badulla along the Mahiyangana road, and walk for another 2 Km (trekking) away from the main road.

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Sita Cave 
The Sita or Rawana Ella Cave is located about 2 km outside of Ella. A small cave, connecting to other, deeper ones. According to local legend it that it was used by the Demon King Rawana to hide the Princess Sita, after abducting her in India.