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Dambulla Rock Temple is a magnificent gallery of Buddha images and wall and ceiling paintings not seen anywhere else in the Island. It is a complex of five cave temples with its origin going back to the first1st century BC.

Dambulla and its five cave temples are filed with Buddhist murals and many Buddha statues. Visitors must remove their shoes and approach the shrines bare-foot. The first cave is filled with the 47-foot-long recumbent image of the meditating Buddha.

In the second cave, there are 150 beautifully carved and preserved gilded statues of gods and Buddhas. The rock ceilings are painted in brilliantly preserved and intricately detailed patterns and images of the holy figures.

Dambulla is a good starting point for excursions to the Cultural TriangleKandy and the hill stations of Nuwara Eliya and Ella.

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Dambulla, Sri Lanka is located 168 km from Sri Lanka's international airport and 192 km from Colombo.
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