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Mount Lavinia Hotel

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Colonial Hotel Colombo Sri Lanka Colonial Luxury Hotel Colombo Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colonial Hotel
Colonial Hotel Sri Lanka Colombo Colonial Luxury Hotel Colombo Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colonial Hotel

Colombo Colonial Hotel Overview

With a history spanning over 210 years, Mount Lavinia Hotel Colombo is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Sri Lanka. This premier colonial hotel in Colombo has earned a reputation over the years for its magnificent structure and ambiance, the old world charm which harks back to the grandeur of old Ceylon, a romantic legacy left by the colonial Governor General who used it as his residence, the exceptional service offered by its well-trained staff.
Mount Lavinia Hotel is located in the coastal town of Mount Lavinia, which is just 12 kilometers south of central Colombo and ideally situated to be easily reachable while remaining away from the congestion of the capital. It is situated atop a rock overlooking the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean and with direct access to the beach.

Walk the halls of a Governor's Palace that was once the centre of power and intrigue; relax in rooms that have witnessed the secrets of courtly love and adventure. One of the last enclaves of the old orient, and one of the best hotels in Colombo, the Mount Lavinia Hotel offers a selection of 210 rooms inclusive of suites; each offering a unique experience in comfort and sophistication. The graceful elegance of a bygone era is still retained in the highly appointed rooms and suites of the Governor's Wing, constructed in the 1930's as an addition to the original colonial building dating back to the 1800's. Majestically overlooking the shimmering turquoise waters of the vast Indian Ocean, embroidered with white ribbons of waves stretching far into the distance and with breathtaking views of the sweeping bay of golden sands and tall exotic palms of Mount Lavinia's celebrated paradise beach, the Governor's Wing is an idyll of hushed and mellowed luxury.

Mount Lavinia Hotel is famous for our intricate blend of age old history and modern conveniences. A true standout amongst hotels in Mount Lavinia, ths colonial hotel offers a wealth of contemporary comforts for work and play.

The CocoSpa at the Mount Lavinia Hotel is located on the beach and set amidst the view of the Indian Ocean, the mangroves and palms.The spa has two rooms for couples who wish to enjoy a couples treatment together; two single rooms, one room for manicure/ pedicure and hair treatment, complete the space with a lounge for relaxation and an open-air Jacuzzi above the beach. CocoSpa is committed to giving you an exceptional spa experience. The spa has developed a comprehensive selection of spa treatments using exotic essential oils, fragrances, spices, herbs, flowers, and fruits. They use their own line of blended pure massage oils and genuine herbal cosmetics made from the finest natural ingredients found in Sri Lanka. CocoSpa offers a complete range of spa services including massage therapies, body treatments, facials and nail care. Professional therapists from Bali hare there to ensure a rejuvenating, enjoyable and memorable experience.

One of the key attractions at the Mount Lavinia Hotel is its swimming pool inviting guests to take a plunge into its cooling waters on a sultry tropical day. Pool-side entertainment has also made this a popular gathering place at the hotel. This is the ideal location to unwind and relax, in the pool or out, lounging on a comfortable easy chair with a refreshing cold drink in hand, lulled by the calming swell of the ocean in the distance.

The nearby Dehiwala National Zoo (open daily from 8.00 am – 6.00 pm) is home to a wide diversity of Sri Lankan and foreign wildlife and bird-life.
Sri Lankan species at the Zoo include sloth bears, monkeys, porcupines, jungle and fishing cats, lots of birds and a number of leopards; part of the zoo exhibits of big cats includes jaguars, lions, tigers and cheetahs. The Zoo has an aquarium display of over 500 varieties of aquatic life. The large number of species of monkeys includes examples of all the native primates, such as the purple-faced leaf monkey, grey langur and torque macaque. There are also a wide number of mammals, from African giraffes and springboks or South American guanacos and tapirs to Australian red-necked wallabies and giant red kangaroos, plus rabbits. The major attraction is the elephant show at 5.15 pm, when elephants troop on stage in true trunk-to-tail fashion and perform a series of feats of elephantine agility.
There is also an excellent collection of bird-life, including owls, lots of cockatoos and macaws (including an astonishing – and very rare – hyacinth macaw) and taucans. There is a huge walk-in aviary full of Sri Lanka species; a good place to practice bird-spotting skills. In addition to the caged bird-life, a flooded quarry at one end of the zoo serves as a magnet to Colombo's aquatic birds, which are fed daily at 3.30 pm. Egrets, herons and pelicans from all over the city flock here – a fine sight at times, when hundreds of swoops down onto the water.

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Colombo Sri Lanka


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